Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well we had an unwelcome guest in our home this week,...bronchitis. I slept on the couch to try and get some sleep between my husbands coughing & not fun. I bought a can of Lysol, opened the slider & window, and hopefully bronchitis left to bother somebody else....but of course I now hear coughing coming from the 13 year old son.

We were able to pick up a few more preps this week. I found this cute little lantern that holds oil or kerosene , some replacement wicks, found some butane for our lighters, a first aid kit for our bugout/hiking backpack, and some tablets you add to water to clean it. We tried to buy ammo, but they were out (I wasn't surprised just hopeful they might have some)

Every week I add to our food storage using sales & coupons (except what is cheaper in bulk) . This week I'm picking up some more water, because of the feedback from you all, and that is the one thing I'm always concerned about.

I'm still reading The Encyclopedia of Country Living (Carla Emery) and everytime I pick it up I know again I made a great choice for a reference book for my much makes me so excited to move off grid & work to live not live to work.

Enjoy your night!


  1. Man, I love that lantern! I just have a soft spot for anything that looks old timey!

    You did good!

  2. I was blessed in working closely with Carla on the final and 10th edition. I helped her for close to two yrs edit the Food and Preservation section, the Cow, and Herbs. She was a wonderful lady and very down home.

    She came to our town and gave a seminar and she and her Dh, Don stayed here for two nights. We enjoyed their company so much. I was so sad when I got the email from Don saying she'd passed away.

    My book is literally falling apart, it's my most used book.