Saturday, March 14, 2009


One of the things I am continuously concerned about is if I have enough supplies. I had been reading a lot of blogs, and felt totally inferior to the survival gurus. My philosophy (for lack of a better word) is I need to make sure I live life in the here and now, as well as prepare for the future. Having a 13 year old with mild Cerebral Palsy & Aspergers, as well as a 9 year old with Autism means I have to make sure their quality of life in the present is taken care of , as well as their medical & educational needs. At the same time I want to make sure we have a good quality of life in the future, and their needs are met as best as can be when either the SHTF, a natural disaster occurs, economic breakdown, job loss etc... Roof over head, food on table, clothes on back and our health.

I am always in awe of what people are able to do in other blogs, they seem to be able to dehydrate food with their left foot, while bathing their multiple beautiful children with their right, at the same time they can put together a home cooked meal using their preps, sew a hole in a sock and with that extra arm (I swear they have one LOL) blog and share their knowledge with their loyal fans! I'm just trying to keep my house clean, and take care of my kids.

So anyway, this is why I really would like to get out of our apartment, live rurally, away from the drama of people, prep & spend time with my family. I would like to share what I have accumulated and run by you all what I think I need. I will definitely be stocking up on water (Thanks guys). I know that I am way behind others who are already homesteading or are well prepared, but I do have a lot of supplies your average Joe doesn't have which gives me a bit of a head start. I also have storage restrictions (apartment living) that prohibits me from storing more propane. I wouldn't want to blow my neighbors up. (Or would I? at 4 in the morning ; )...LOL)

Thanks for "listening" to my rambling this morning...comments are sooo appreciated. enjoy your day all!


  1. The way we started stock piling was this. Everytime i went shopping, i bought one or two extra of a couple items i was buying. Extra jar of peanut butter, or syrup, or tuna. This way, you know its stuff your actually going to use, and you dont have to drop a load of money all at once. Its easy to feel overwhelmed, like you need to do everything at once, but starting slow and choosing wisely will pay off in the long run. Good Luck!!!!

  2. Thank you Lisa, that is similar to what we've been doing. I do think I'm feeling overwhelmed because it's not happening fast enough (for me anyway). I think I'm overwhelmed with the short term. Things seem to be happening so quickly out there, and I look at my lopsided stockpile...and well... worry. It took so long for my husband to get on board, with the way things are going out there that... you are correct I do feel like I need to do everything at once. (Hope I make sense, LOL). Thanks so much for coming by..comments are so appreciated.