Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pictures of food storage

Hello All! Wow this time change really kills me. My kids are all messed up. "But Mom it doesn't feel like bed time...."

Anyway....We had a great day yesterday, the weather was beautiful, the kids were great. I'm sad my husband has to go back to work tomorrow, we really got a lot accomplished this week . I can't wait until he can stop working the stressful job, and do something he enjoys...with a lot less hours. It took quite a few years for him to get on board my "stocking up thing". He likes his gadgets & toys...But now he's all for living off grid, gardening, stocking up...and having a simple life (thank goodness). He bought an edible plant book & how to survive in the woods (LOL). I laugh because he couldn't live without his ipod thingy last year.

So tonight we are dehydrating some apples. I'm a little disappointed because the dehydrator only fit 5 apples. (after slicing) and we have a peck LOL. I'm not sure how long they'll take but I'll keep an eye on them & rotate them. Our first adventure in dehydrating was lemons (on sale) a couple weeks ago...those took 24 hours for 4 lbs. Here is my first attempt at a picture:

Since we are limited on storage and are temporarily in an apartment, this is how I'm storing some of our dry decoration, (see picture above) people have actually asked me if the stuff in the jars are edible ...LOL. When we go "rural" I'll have many different types of storage...some out of sight.
I'll post pictures of my apples. I hope they turn out okay. Enjoy the rest of you night!

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  1. Hey Josselyn...looks good so far to me. Congrats on getting the spouse on board to play with somer new toys...he will enjoy it, I know. It makes it so much easier when things are done as a team.

    But then, I'm single so it's easy for me to say that! Glad the dehydrator is working out!