Thursday, March 5, 2009

Journey To Self Sufficiency

Good Morning!
Husband is still on vacation from work. Yesterday he put together a small free-standing storage pantry for me. We put it in our bedroom. It looks like a small wardrobe so it blends in pretty well. I do have a small galley kitchen so food storage is difficult. When I get our camera up and running I'll post some pics on how we store our food and other supplies.

I decided on more dry food storage instead of a freezer because if we were to lose power, ( IE ice storm) we would have lost what was in the freezer. Unfortunately we live in an apartment right now so storage of fuels, generator... etc is not doable. I am so happy to be able to stock up. Through further posts you'll learn how I save money & pinch pennies in our household. Our goal is to live mortgage/debt free and homestead (possibly off grid).

My husband and I are spending the day together running errands and headed out to lunch. Enjoy your day all!

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  1. Another like minded soul. Looking forward to following your journey and wish you the best.