Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey Everyone,
First I'd like to thank all the people who have commented on my posts since I started my little blog. I truly appreciate it.

One of the things I get concerned about is trying to take in and try too many things at once & overwhelm myself. I am also concerned that I am not prepared for much of anything...For example I have plenty of cereal...not enough water. Any suggestions on how to know if I'm doing okay(prepping) would be greatly appreciated...(Did that make any sense? LOL). This is the only place I've found people who have a bit of a clue...& like talking about it.

I'm enjoying The Encyclopedia of Country Living, it's hard to put it down. If I can get rid of this headache tonight I'd love to read more.

Finally, tonight, I'm an avid couponer, that's how I stock up. I went to Kroger I got $81.25 for $47.01...Good deal.

Have a nice night!


  1. Just a thought here...but when it comes to water, you can't ever have too much. If you have the room, store more than you think you'll need...just in case!

    Just my opinion, for what it's worth!

  2. Might I add that Hermit is 100+ correct, you can never have to much water, or a way to retrieve water( IE: hand pump for a well, river or creek and water purifier)

    Here is a good site with loads of info on prepping. I'm not sure if this will show as a direct link, if not copy and paste it into your browser. There is currently a topic on basics of prepping going on today.

    I follow your blog. Keep on posting!