Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Morning All,

It's Spring break! My kiddos are driving me cuckoo. It is so hard living in an apartment without a yard. It is hard going outside because the grassy areas are muddy & inundated with dog poop (I think I'm the only one in the complex who owns a pooper scooper)...We are saving & saving to buy our home with some land using cash....We are aiming for next Summer (not the one coming up).

Now to answer a couple of questions.

Why am I looking for pre 1965 quarters? Silver content, good if something happens to the almighty US dollar & my son collects coins.

Coupons...They work for some people depending on your area & commitment. I have a store 1/4 of a mile that doubles. I get a lot of items less than the storebrand/bulk brand cheap or free. I base my purchase off unit price (per pound, ounce etc...). This store also sends our storebrand coupons & FREE milk, yogurt...etc,..because we still live in an apartment & they don't allow cows...I can't get my own.

I dehydrated some corn to make some room in my freezer for my Angel Food order I pick up tomorrow. I just might be getting that additional small freezer this weekend : ). I am loving my Seal-A -Meal...Keeping that freezer burn off my stuff.

Thanks for the info on the Red Feather canned butter Jim...Now if I can find a place that has it in stock (that kind of worries me hmmmm).

I haven't been sleeping well, I keep thinking I'm going to miss something big in the news....

I hope to post more often, I have lots of things to talk about...I even made a list...Now if I could just find it! LOL

Enjoy your day!

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    Revised May 14, 2009 SOLD OUT UNTIL EARLY JUNE. Call to pre-order.

    I have purchased from them and am happy with the service, haven't tried the butter yet as I have a lot in my freezer to try my hand at canning.