Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little bit of Everything...

Hello All,
Sorry the post might be a little scatterbrained tonight, the ADHD is winning and my husband lost my keys. UGH!

Anyway...The apples came out good, the problem....Eating them as fast as my little dehydrator can work. My husband watched the videos on dehydrating I posted earlier & actually offered to buy me one of those Excaliburs. We'll see if that's in our future. The only question I have about the apples is.... For long term storage do I dehydrate them until they're "crunchy/crisp"? If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it.

I really don't like feeling so out of control. Everything I thought & grew up with has been a lie. I wish it didn't take me so long to figure some of these things out, then I would already have the kind of life that was truly important to me, and not the kind of life that "everyone else" thinks is important to have. I always knew something wasn't quite right & I hope I'm not too late.

I had my sister (she lives 20 hours away from me) read my blog. She said "I don't quite get it...why is this fun? & who would read it?. ... (I think I bit a big hole in my tongue)

All those "super cool bloggers" got me off my butt, thinking & doing. Maybe someone will read my blog & pick up an extra can of beans...LOL


  1. That's all you can do, my friend. Tell all that will listen and hope that some of them will "get it"

    The apples look great, BTW!

  2. I dry apples until they are still a little pliable, but not wet at all. I store them in a glass canning jar or a ziplock bag for the ones the kids are working on eating up. The rest I store in the freezer so they don't get bugs, mold or anything--just to be super safe. If I did not have the room in the freezer, they really keep a long time in a cool, dry, dark place.

    My key to canning/freezing/drying enough so the kids don't eat it all up right away is to do tons and tons of everything. They eat a lot right at first, but after they can have all they want for days and days, they slow way down and move on to another item. I preserve everything I can get my hands on (grow myself, bum off relatives, friends, buy for really cheap, etc.) until I am so tired I can't do any more. It usually ends up being more than enough. Preserving is a mindset. I grew up with it being top priority when ever there was something to "put up" and I still have that mentality.

    Just keep trying to learn new skills one at a time and you'll get it.