Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miscellaneous rambling

Good Morning All,

We have beautiful weather here today after those storms moved through, just tornado watches here no warnings. I have to get some housework done before going to work at 3PM. I know I only have to work out of the home for one more year, and we'll have our own property. I would rather be doing something like this today . gardening in a bag. This link was posted in my comments section by Ginger. What a great idea if you are limited on space, soil & other resources. Thanks Ginger for sharing it.

The neighbors woke me up with their drunk rendition of N' Sync's "Bye, Bye Bye at 2AM. I keep telling myself & praying one more year.....

I am still working on my husband about that small chest freezer. I got hit in the head when some mixed vegetables flew out of my overloaded freezer this week, not fun first thing in the morning.

I ordered my Angel food box yesterday as will as the additional fruit & vegetable box. I hope to use my dehydrator on some of it.

The North Korea thing was a dud... I'd like to know what happened to the third stage??? Where did that land? The secret surrounding that bugs me. My opinion about the celebrity rock star bowing ...he definitely bowed... not good. Some of the negative shooting stories that would usually stay in local news, suddenly making national news....interesting. Our celebrity rock star ordering the pizza maker from Missouri ...really stupid for the image, his handlers need to get him under control. Enough political ranting....just my opinions folks.

Well that's it for the day, I don't want to scare anyone with my miscellaneous ramblings.

Enjoy your day!

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