Monday, April 27, 2009

OINK OINK! It's here.

Well this is the second time in my lifetime I've had to worry about a "pandemic" the first one was the Anthrax scare. This one took me by surprise because I was thinking the avian/bird flu would be the culprit. I had never heard of the swine flu.

Let me tell you how I'm coping/preparing. Yesterday I brought hand sanitizer to work to use in between hand washing (sometimes I can't always get to the restroom to wash them as often as I'd like). I handle people clothing so I use gloves, I "Lysoled" the phone, cash register, credit card machine, & light switches. I'm sure there were a number of things I missed spraying. I did this because my co worker came back from Mexico City about 5 weeks ago, and spraying made me feel better.

We have a couple bottles of hand sanitizer at home, a box of gloves, at least a dozen face masks in our first aid kit a big bottle Lysol, bleach, fever reducers (ibuprofen/acetaminophen) cough & cold meds, food & water, an new thermometer. Talking to a lot of people, they seem totally clueless as to what could happen if you are told to stay in your homes.

Tomorrow night I'm thinking of picking up more fever reducers for the kids (I need more anyway), some more food , water and pedialyte. I know there are medications out there that treat this, but we've found they are near impossible to get right now. I 'd love advice & to hear how you've prepared, and if you're in panic or wait and see mode.

On a lighter note I have found someone who is going to show me how to can. I am so excited, I almost cried when she told me she cans...I had been so nervous about trying it myself ( I didn't want to kill or poison anyone LOL) I'm going to get some mason jars to share, there will be three of us girls...what an awesome way to spend the day!

Also, another friend has a little garden plot her neighbor is letting her use (he even tilled it). I'm going to see if I can bring her some seeds, and give her a hand and see what grows for her. I'll write here what's been able to grow, the trials & errors, possibly post some pictures of what comes up. I'm excited because all I'm going for this year is that "Topsy Turvy" thing on my balcony...possible tomatoes and strawberries.

Well enjoy your night stay healthy & safe!


  1. You are going to have such fun canning! Besides being a fun filled experience, it is very satisfactory looking at jars of food in the pantry knowing you did them!

    Happy for ya, my friend!

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